Be Hip and Host a Gold Party

Whatever you plan to celebrate this year, why do it the same old way with just cake and balloons? If you really want a unique and exciting celebration, host a gold party!

A gold party is exactly what it sounds like — a party where the guests bring the gold! Think your friends might have some odds and ends to clean out of their jewelry boxes? They can bring their treasures directly to your party and have it all weighed and tested by professionals with industry-leading equipment. They can then sell their gold for the same prices that Valley Goldmine pays for in-office visits.

With a gold party, everyone is a winner. Your guests leave with money and a less-cluttered jewelry box, and you gain a reputation as an enviable party host or hostess. Oh, not to mention that you get 10% of the dollar amount of any jewelry purchased at your party. Also, Valley Goldmine will provide all the invitations, as well as cash prizes to keep your guests entertained. Really, you can’t lose!

Sold on the gold party idea? Contact us today to take part in the hippest way to buy and sell gold. Visit us online or call to schedule your very own gold party.

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Brett Hart

Valley Goldmine Dallas provides honest, private consultations when you are looking to sell gold in Dallas Texas and surrounding cities.

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