How to Determine What Jewelry to Sell

Everyone knows that there’s a lot of cash for gold Dallas, for those who are willing to sell their old jewelry. The real question is then, how to determine what to sell and what not to sell. Below are listed, a set of questions designed to help the reader make this difficult decision.

1. Is the jewelry an antique?
If the answer to this question is yes, perhaps it should remain in the family, or maybe it could have the most value if it were to be sold at an auction.

2. Is the jewelry still fashionable?
The reason for this question is perhaps the jewelry has more value in its raw-metal form. Buyers of gold will usually melt old jewelry down and sell it as scrap. They will still pay plenty of cash for gold Dallas, even though they melt it down.

3. Is the jewelry made of a pure, precious metal?
Gold, silver and platinum fetch high dollars. Another thing to consider is the purity of the jewelry’s metal. These can all be assessed by professional buyers and sellers. Before making a decision about selling the jewelry, it’s important to know the jewelry’s purity and scrap metal value.

4. Does the jewelry have more sentimental value than monetary value?
Only the owner can answer this vital question. Some jewelry, especially if it represents a special event such as a wedding or anniversary, cannot be sold for the highest dollar, even if it’s only made of aluminum.

Finally, is that cash for gold worth the time and effort that may go into selling the jewelry? There are many mail order shops that buy gold, but shipping charges associated with them should be considered, which can be expensive. The other disadvantage to using mail order is the absence of one on one negotiating that could tip the scales towards more money.

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