How to Get Extra Cash for Fall Getaways

Fall is right around the corner which means that the blistering summer temperatures will be over and the season will be just right for a getaway. The only problem with wanting to take a quick trip is coming up with the extra cash. In order to help you get that much deserved vacation, here are three things that you can do to raise a little extra money:

Have a garage sale- You would be surprised by how much stuff you have laying around in your house. Take some time and collect all of the items that you don’t want anymore and are willing to part with. Then create some flyers and hold a garage sale. You’ll have to be willing to take less money for your things as most people at garage sales like to barter, but it is a great way to earn some quick cash. Pick up some extra shifts- Another great way to get a little extra cash is to talk to your boss or supervisor and see if there are any extra hours that you can pick up at work. Working overtime for a couple of weeks can help to put some money in your pocket and make your trip a possibility. Sell unwanted jewelry-  If all other methods fail and you are still short of the money that you need for your getaway then you can always sell your old or unwanted jewelry. Take a look in your jewelry box and see if you have any gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that you aren’t using anymore. Gold is higher than it has been in years which means that you could make a small fortune selling your old jewelry.

At Valley Goldmine we offer same day payouts for those looking to earn a little extra cash selling their used jewelry. Give us a call today to receive a free appraisal and get the cash you deserve for your gold, silver, or platinum.

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