Why Now May Be a Great Time to Sell Gold

The time has passed from when we used to see "Cash For Gold" commercial splattered across the airwaves and sign spinners on every street corner of the working class parts of town saying "We Buy Gold."  However, many people don't realize that the business of gold buying and jewelry buying does still exist in large metro areas, and in most cases the companies still in business are the ones that have stood the test of time.  As gold prices climb again after the rout they took in 2013, now may be the time to think about selling that broken jewelry that has been stashed away and forgotten about. When gold prices rocketed up a few years back, it was easy for anyone to get in the game of buying gold, but the fact is that the jewelry and bullion industry has counted on gold buyers to purchase unwanted jewelry for centuries.  Simply put, when you sell your gold to a gold buyer it is refined and recycled into new jewelry sold in stores or potentially minted into gold coins and bars sold to investors. The same is true for silver.  Many businesses that buy gold also buy silver and platinum; the other two main precious metals.  Silverware and sterling silver jewelry can also be refined and recycled.  So, the fact is not only are you getting money for jewelry and silverware that has been sitting unused, you are essentially allowing your items to be recreated into an item that is in style today.  Not to mention, the more gold that is sold and recycled, the less someone else has to keep digging deeper into the Earth while possibly polluting the environment with their machinery; its win/win all around.

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