How it Works:


We want to ensure that our donations generate the maximum benefit possible for the intended recipient.  For that reason, we only donate to charities where >75% on the funds are used to directly support their cause.

We look for charities that minimize their administrative, marketing and advertising costs, in order to be able to give back more of the money donated to those who truly need it.


How YOU can HELP :


1.) Partnering : Do you have a charity in mind that you would like help in supporting? Or, one that you would like to bring awareness to?

Please Contact us. We love working with organizations that have a similar view of community outreach and involvement.


2)  Matching : If you have diamonds/gold/silver to sell, and would like to donate a portion of your sale, VGM will match your donation dollar for dollar up to 5%.


Non-Profits we Support:



University of the Nations Ministries- This organization is centered around ministry and outreach to people all over the world.

One program that we have decided to support over the years is the ministry that is focused on domestic at risk urban youth.


Habitat for Humanity– A great organization that provides affordable housing for those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

What makes this charity one of our favorites is that 88% of the funds received go directly to their work.


  Goodwill - A community driven organization, providing basic goods and products that would be otherwise unattainable for lower income families. Why we love it?

It's received exceptionally high marks for charitable benefit and transparency from;