What is Dental Gold Worth

thumb_6_lot3261559.jpgOld fillings are really gold in color and may be up to 60% gold (there's 2 in this photo), the new ones, however are a dull grey with much less gold content.

Want to find out exactly what's in it?

If you take your dental gold to a typical gold buyer, they will make their best guess, but you will never know what was actually in it. With Valley Goldmine, the dentists that sell gold to us get the actual assay printout from the refinery so you know exactly what it is and that you are getting 75% of the precious metal value. In this case, there was 29% Gold, 33% Silver & 19.8% Palladium and the customer walked away with $529 for the 43.1g of dental gold (the other 5.7g were the teeth/porcelain that were still attached!) 

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Mary Probstfield

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