What is Involved in the Jewelry Appraisal Process

There are many different reasons a person may want to have their jewelry appraised. In some cases people have their jewelry appraised so that they can sell it and in other cases they have it appraised for insurance reasons. If you are curious what happens during the appraisal process, here is a general outline of the procedure:

Clean the item- One of the first things that a jewelry appraiser will do when you take them your item is make sure that it is properly cleaned. In order to thoroughly inspect the item the appraiser will need to make sure that any dirt or debris is removed. This will help them to look at the quality of any diamonds and also any precious metals that the piece may contain. Most appraisers will use an ultrasonic device to clean the jewelry. Basically all this device does is use ultrasonic waves to shake the dirt off of a piece. To use one you simply put the piece of jewelry into the ultrasonic tank that is full of cleaner and let the waves do all of the work. In just a few short minutes the piece will be completely cleaned. Often times once the piece is removed from the soap, the jewelry will use a steamer to clean off the soap and get it looking better than the day you purchased it. Check for authenticity- Once your jewelry has been properly clean the appraiser will then begin to inspect it for authenticity. This will allow them to find out just what types of stones or precious metals were used to make this piece. Create an official offer document- After have cleaned the jewelry they will prepare an official offer or certificate of appraisal. This document is especially handy if you plan on having your jewelry insured or if you decide that you do want to sell.

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