We are Arizona’s Original Gold Party Coordinators. We provide you with the unique opportunity of having fun, while making money instead of spending it!   Valley Goldmine is a fully-licensed precious metal buyer with over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry.

You, as the party host, will get 10% of the dollar amount of the jewelry that is purchased. 

We supply the invitations, offering both an on-line invite* and hard copy.  You just invite all of your friends and family. 

Our goal is to create an exciting atmosphere that everyone will enjoy.  We supply cash prizes to keep everyone entertained. Everyone at the party that sells jewelry will have an opportunity to win.

We weigh and test the jewelry right in front of you. We are also more than happy to answer all of your jewelry questions.

The host and everyone that sells their unused jewelry will receive their money the night of the party.

With our software invitation tool, we will be able to create a personalized party page viewable online for all your guests. After booking your party, Valley Gold Party will send you a custom online invitation that can be sent to all of your guests. From there, they can find all the details about your gold party and read about our company.