Buying Platinum for Cash in Chandler, Phoenix & Scottsdale

Valley Goldmine knows its precious metals. Not only do we deal in gold, we have an extensive history of buying platinum jewelry as well. Sellers can schedule an appointment with Valley Goldmine to have their jewelry examined, weighed, and find the right price for their platinum in a secure environment. We also purchase platinum scrap with an open refinery agreement that will include an assay of the metal depicting the exact platinum content of the lot.

Valley Goldmine has three locations here in the valley, and we are the only place to go if you’re selling platinum. Our trained experts give you top dollar for platinum jewelry while ensuring you feel safe and secure during your transaction. Selling jewelry is a comfortable, confidential experience with Valley Goldmine.

For more information about buying platinum, contact us by phone or fill out our online contact form today! You can also visit one of our three locations in the greater Scottsdale area to learn more.


Platinum jewelry is typically 90% (stamped 900) or 95% platinum (stamped 950).  Due to the large volume of jewelry we send to our refinery, we get a good price for our scrap platinum and pass that on to you.  

Trust Phoenix‘s premier platinum buyer – Valley Goldmine.